Floral Tri-Panel

Our tri-panel invitations have been a popular choice with our modern brides. This newest addition to our collection features yellow and green whimsical flowers on a cream card stock. This bride opted to use the center panel for accommodations, directions and website information with a tear-off RSVP postcard to the right.

Simply Modern

This modern bride felt that simplicity fit her best. Playing off her wedding cake design, the asymmetrical black and silver lines  made a chic, modern statement for her wedding stationery. Because many of her guests will be traveling, she made sure to add accommodations and directions along with a map to get them on their way.

Shades of Green

This bride gave me free reign to design her wedding invitations as I saw fit. Her only stipulations were to include many different shades of green and to use my creativity to design a unique stationery set for her wedding celebration.

Her wedding is also not your typical ceremony. She and her military husband have already gotten married once before he went overseas, but were both sick and unable to fully enjoy the event. This time they want to do the celebration right with their family and friends. Congratulations and thanks for allowing me to design your stationery!

Black and Cream

Simply elegant black and cream wedding invitations make a statement. These formal but fun wedding stationery samples set the tone for formal events while also adding character through swirling graphics and black backing card stock or a personalized monogram. No matter what personal flare you wish to add, emDOTzee can design custom black invitations to fit any formal wedding.

Vintage Wilmington

I absolutely love when brides come to me with unique ideas for their stationery! This bride gave me the pleasure of designing her rehearsal invitations, which she wanted to feel old-fashioned and depict the riverfront of Wilmington. I suggested creating a vintage postcard with an illustration on front and more information on the back where you would typically write on a postcard. She didn’t actually send them out as postcards, but their resemblance of an old postcard is exactly what she was hoping for. The cream textured paper also added to the look and feel.

Two Scoops: Thank You Notes

Personalized thank you cards are a wonderful addition to your wedding stationery package. You can order them to match your wedding invitations or emDOTzee Designs can design them to look completely different.

You can also include your names, monogram or last name instead of “thank you” so that you can use any extras as notecards in the future.

Picture thank you cards are also becoming a popular way to say thank you to your guests. You can include your favorite picture from the wedding or ask your photographer to take a picture of the two of you holding up a “thank you” sign.

Need to know the etiquette for sending out your wedding thank you cards? Check out what Orangerie Events has to say:

Wedding Etiquette – The Thank You Note

It’s no secret that everyone loves getting mail.  With the accessibility of emails, texts, messages and chats, snail mail is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Although the progression from attaching a note to a pigeon to pushing a send button is impressive, there is still a rush of excitement associated with receiving a hand-addressed envelope in the mail.

We learned at a very young age the importance of having good manners.  Saying please, excuse me, thank you and if you’re southern, yes ma’am and no sir, are all staples of showing  respect for yourself and those around you.  When it comes to planning your wedding, it is imperative you remember your manners and thank those who shared in your special day, whether their part was big or small.  Here are some helpful hints to appropriately show your appreciation:

1) Maintain a Thank You List: I’m always dumbfounded when I watch musicians and artists accept an award and then begin their speech as if they have no idea who to thank.  They ultimately always forget someone.  Be prepared.  Keep a list of those people you need to thank.  Write down a name each time you receive a wedding gift or the names of those involved with hosting a shower for you.  You certainly don’t want to forget anyone.

2) Remember Your Vendors: It’s a bit easier to remember to thank someone when you have a tangible gift in front of you, but don’t forget about your suppliers and vendors.  It isn’t necessary to thank every single vendor, but it is polite to thank those that went above and beyond and exceeded your expectations.

3) Be Personal: It’s great that you posted a generic thank you on your wedding website, but your thank you cards need to be a bit more personal.  Take the time to write a meaningful message on each thank you card and don’t just sign your name.  Be sure to use personal stationery or stationery that corresponds with your wedding invitations and theme.   Take the personalization up a notch and have your photographer take a picture of you holding a handmade thank you sign at the end of your wedding.  You can then use the picture to have thank you postcards created.

4) Be Punctual: I feel your pain.  I am a post-college recovering procrastinator.  Despite the fact that the wedding is over and your stress level has decreased dramatically, don’t procrastinate in sending your thank you cards.  Ideally, your thank you cards should be sent three months following your wedding.  Why not work on your thank you cards while you’re on the plane flying to/from your honeymoon?  Or set a daily goal to complete X number of thank you cards to make it easier than trying to complete all 200 at one time.  Are you in month six, eight or even twelve following your wedding?  Don’t stop.  A late thank you card is better than no thank you card at all.

OUR NOTECARD WINNER: In honor of thank you notes and personalized stationery, congratulations to Meredith Barlowe of Lenoir, North Carolina!  Meredith is the proud winner of customized stationery just for being a fan of both Orangerie Events and emDOTzee Designs.  It’s our little way of saying thanks.  Stay tuned and in a few weeks, we’ll feature Meredith and her custom stationery in an upcoming blog.  Until then, thank you for your support and for spreading the word about Orangerie Events and emDOTzee Designs!