Beer, BBQ & Baby Poster Style Baby Shower Invitations

FUN FRIDAY:  Beer, BBQ & Baby Invitations

Great for any fun couple expecting a new baby, these baby shower invitations have tons of personality and pizazz with teal, turquoise, lime & brown text in multiple fonts for a poster style look. The top features icons of beer bottles, a pig, and diaper pins for the Beer, BBQ & Baby themed party. A teal and turquoise starburst of lines fills the border around the invitation for even more flare.

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Vintage Airplane and Fleur de Lis Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

FUN FRIDAY: Vintage Airline Ticket Wedding Invitations

Rather than a tropical destination, these custom boarding pass wedding invitations were created for a travel themed wedding in New Orleans. The bride specifically requested a DC-3 propeller plane for the groom who is a pilot, and an antique background for the airline ticket invitations and luggage tag RSVPs. We paired the two with a blush pink pocket folder with the airplane on the front along with swirl accents and a Fleur de Lis. The inside of the folder listed the itinerary for the wedding night and transportation information with a faded Fleur de Lis as a watermark behind the text.

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Croquet Mallet & Ball, Yard Game Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

FUN FRIDAY:  Yard Game Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Completely contemporary, these custom bridal shower invitations feature a stick drawing of croquet mallets, ball and wickets in brown, tan, yellow and green. Below the croquet illustration, the text follows in a brown modern, handwritten font with just the bride’s name in a handwritten script in green. A request for the guests to bring games for the couple in lieu of traditional wedding gifts completes the wording, followed by two yellow lines across the bottom of the invitation.

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Pink & Blue Destination Beach Wedding Save-the-Dates

FUN FRIDAY: Destination Beach Wedding Save-the-Date Cards

With a modern, clean look, these custom destination wedding save the date cards feature a light blue background, map of Hawaii in blush pink, red heart accents and dark gray and white text.

Perfect for any destination beach wedding, these custom save the date postcards feature navy blue oceans waves, coral pink & navy starfish, and a coral seahorse. The back of the postcard includes a map Mexico with the destination marked with a coral starfish and the couple’s wedding website.


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Dark Turquoise & Red Swirl, Palm Tree & Hibiscus Airline Ticket Wedding Invitations

Dark Turquoise & Red Swirl, Palm Tree & Hibiscus Flower Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

FUN FRIDAY:  Dark Turquoise & Red Hawaiian Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Using deeper colors than our typical airline ticket wedding invitations, these boarding pass invitations feature red swirls and hibiscus flowers and dark turquoise palm trees and text. The matching RSVP luggage tag features the same red and dark turquoise graphics with cute wording playing off the airline ticket theme for the guests’ responses. The boarding pass invitation and luggage tag RSVP are enclosed in a dark turquoise pocket folder, which lists additional information about the destination wedding and how to reserve accommodations.

Dark Turquoise & Red Swirl, Palm Tree & Hibiscus Flower Airline Ticket Wedding Invitations

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Purple & Blue Moon & Shooting Stars Wedding Invitations

Purple & Blue Sunset with Moon & Shooting Stars Wedding Invitations

FUN FRIDAY: Purple & Blue Sunset & Astrology Wedding Invitations

Playing off an astronomy themed sunset wedding, these bold wedding invitations feature a tree line silhouette across the bottom with a purple to blue sunset rising to a sky filled with stars, a crescent moon and two shooting stars. To add a little twinkle, we included a metallic white backing to the invitation. The non-traditional wording references space, astrology and flying together in love.

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