Dark Gray and Purple Border and Dot | Modern Day-Of Wedding Stationery

This modern day-of stationery features a thick dark gray with thin purple line border and purple dot accents. Rather than the traditional ceremony programs with the Duke Chapel illustration on the front, we added a modern twist with bold contrasting fonts and a clean layout, making them perfect for this bride’s modern, chic wedding. And rather than the standard tented escort cards, we created small table number cards to slip into mini black envelopes. Custom name labels wrapped around the envelopes and corresponded with the matching table numbers. Thanks to Orangerie Events for requesting our services for these fun and creative ceremony programs, table numbers and escort cards for their bride’s Duke Chapel wedding and Nasher Art Museum reception.

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Starfish and Waves of Blue 1

This creative bride came to us wanting unique beach themed wedding invitations for her October beach wedding. Already having cute wording in mind, she had a vision for beach invitations with shades of blues and greens, several fun fonts, with starfish and the ocean. We appreciated the challenge of including all the elements she requested into beautiful, unique wedding invitations. Just to show you have perfectly the design, wording and fonts turned out together, we have included large, close-ups of the invitation and RSVP postcard below.

Vintage Poster Style Invitations

This bride loves the 50s and wanted her wedding invitations to depict that style. Her save-the-date postcards set the tone with a vintage sign look and fonts that would carry on throughout her stationery suite. The black and cream poster style invitations looked old-fashioned with a scroll border and embellishments intertwined with a heavy text layout. To add a punch of color, we included fall colors as accents in the ceremony programs and favor bookmarks.

Two Scoops: Budget Friendly

For many readers, today reminds you that you are a procrastinator.  You are quickly gathering receipts and W2s in preparation for a date night with your accountant.  You’re submitting your tax information just in the nick of time.  For other readers, today is just another Thursday.  You filed your taxes months ago.  No matter which category you fall into, we can all agree that today’s focus is on money.  It’s all about the lack of it, the need for it, the desire to save it and the hope of getting more of it back from Uncle Sam.

In today’s economy, it’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to be budget conscious.  A lot of couples are paying for their weddings without assistance from their parents or relatives.  Other couples are just more aware of how silly it can seem to spend so much money on one day.  No matter what your budget is for your wedding, there are numerous ways you can save.  In honor of “Tax Day,” this installment of “Two Scoops” will give you some tips on how to save in regards to planning your wedding and creating your wedding invitations.


emDOTzee Designs was started with the idea of creating beautiful invitations at prices brides can afford. So you have come to the right place for budget-friendly stationery. Below you will find some tips of how to save even more money when choosing which invitations and options are best for your wedding and your budget.

1) Less is More: This inexpensive single-card format will make a statement without breaking the bank. This bride asked to incorporate many shades of blue and several different fonts to create her unique wedding invitation. And this is the only card she sent out. She opted to receive her RSVPs on her wedding website – saving money on the printing costs and the postage.

2) Postcards Please: A great modern way to save on printing and postage is to pick save-the-date and RSVP postcards, rather than the traditional cards with envelopes. You get to use cheaper postcard stamps and won’t have to purchase the matching envelopes. Another plus: your address is already printed on the back of the postcards, so that saves you time as well.

3) Assembly Required: For brides who want to add pretty metallic card stock, colorful pocketfolds or ribbon and bows to their invitations but can’t seem to afford it all, getting all the pieces from emDOTzee and then assembling them yourself will save you money. emDOTzee will design and print your invitations and then hand the materials over to you. If you want to add ribbon, we will provide the invitation and backing card stock with holes already drilled in the top, so all you have to do is have a ribbon tying party with your bridesmaids to get them done.

4) Typed Calligraphy: Want your envelopes to look as professional as the cards inside, but can’t afford handwritten calligraphy? emDOTzee offers return and recipient addresses printed directly on your envelopes with the same fonts used in your invitations for far less than a traditional calligrapher. Get return addresses printed for only $0.25 each and recipient addresses for $0.50 each.


Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about budgeting.  Money dictates your dress, your venue, your food and every other detail.  If you’re planning a wedding and worried about staying on budget, Orangerie Events has some helpful tips to help maintain your sanity and your bank account!

1) Wedding Coordinator?  I’m on a budget! For brides on a $10,000 budget, it may seem unrealistic to hire a wedding planner or coordinator.  Why allocate precious funds for someone to coordinate your wedding when your great-aunt Lucy can direct the ceremony and reception?  The truth is hiring a wedding coordinator can actually save you money.   The number one stress involved with planning your wedding is controlling and maintaining your budget.  Orangerie Events can play a key role in helping you to stay on and under budget.   By obtaining vendor quotes, negotiating costs and partnering with preferred vendors, Orangerie Events can actually save you money in all of your budget line items.  Just hiring a day-of coordinator?  That’s OK.  Orangerie Events will still help you stay under cost by working with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money to maximize your budget.

2) Color Palette: There is one huge misconception among brides pertaining to linen rentals.  Most brides think that white linens are the least expensive and that colored linens cost more.  In reality, the basic poly linen cost the same whether it’s white, red, yellow, black or any other color.  The price starts to increase when you pick out a different linen fabric such a satin or bengaline or when you look into patterned and detailed linens.  So go ahead, add a splash of color to your tabletop.

3) A Favorable Favor: When picking out a wedding favor for your guests, it’s important to ask yourself, “Would I like getting this?”  If your guests can use it, eat it or smile about it, you have a favorable favor.  Save some money by making a donation to a local charity instead of purchasing individual favors for your guests.  You’ll cut cost by picking the amount that best fits your budget and your guests will appreciate your generosity.  It’s a money-saving trend that gives back to the community and is extremely popular for 2010.

4) Do-It-Yourself: Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, there are many do-it-yourself projects that can save money when planning even the smallest wedding details.  For example, for a fall wedding last November, Orangerie Events designed and created all of the flowers for the wedding.  Everything from the centerpieces to the boutonnieres, Orangerie Events assembled.  Instead of spending $2000 on flower arrangements, the couple spent $200. Looking for a focal point for your reception?  Why not re-create the wooden backdrop seen in the picture here?  Orangerie Events created this display by attaching old wooden shutters after staining them with a stain found on sale at Home Depot.  The frames were purchased at Michael’s for $1.00 each and then spray painted with selected colors.  This would make a beautiful photo display at your wedding and costs around $25.


There are plenty of inside tips and tricks to saving money when it comes to planning your wedding and selecting your invitations.  Got questions?  Feel free to contact Orangerie Events or emDOTzee Designs.  We’d be happy to talk with you and offer some suggestions.

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