Orange, Gray & White Abstract Swirl Border Poster Style Wedding Stationery

Fun and modern, this custom wedding stationery suite includes orange abstract swirl borders, varying dark gray and white backgrounds, and poster style layouts with multiple fonts, lines and dots in white, orange and gray. The save-the-date postcards set the tone with a dark gray background, orange swirl border, and white and orange poster style text on the front, and a white background with orange swirls, and gray and orange text on the back. The invitation followed the same colors and format with a smaller matching reception card, two-sided accommodations and map card, and RSVP postcard. The information card featured the same gray border with orange swirls, but the center of the card had a white background with gray and orange text, and custom drawn area map. The RSVP followed the same color and design scheme as the save-the-dates with the reply by date on the front and response options on the back of the postcard.

We also designed matching day-of stationery all with white backgrounds, orange swirl borders and dark gray bands of color. The tall and thin two-sided programs included dark gray panels across the top and bottom with white and orange text. The same gray banner was used across the top of the menu cards with the couple’s names in orange and white. The tented escort cards included the orange swirl pattern on the front and full orange swirl design on the back.

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Brown & Cream Las Vegas Casino Vintage Poster Style Wedding Invitations

Perfect for any Las Vegas wedding, these vintage poster style wedding invitations feature multiple fonts, swirls and scrolls in dark brown along with a casino theme. To add Las Vegas flare, the invitation includes poker chips within the poster style look, and the RSVP features dice.

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Light Blue, Tan & White Vintage Lace and Stripes Airline Ticket Wedding Invitations

FUN FRIDAY:  Vintage Lace & Stripes Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Completely custom made for this bride, these airline ticket wedding invitations feature a light blue background with pale blue stripes and white lace. The old-fashioned fonts and steampunk banner in tan complete the vintage look. The matching luggage tag RSVP card included the same blue and white stripes and lace background with black and tan text. Both were enclosed in a harvest tan pocket folder with additional flight and accommodations information for the Mexico wedding printed on the inside flap.

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Navy, Teal & Brown Modern Poster Style Wedding Invitations

These modern wedding invitations feature navy blue, teal, and brown text in script, sans serif and serif fonts with lines, dots and thin border for a poster style look. The matching RSVP includes the same colors and fonts with funny response options for the guests.

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Navy Blue & Mint Green Anchor & Knot Nautical Clutch Pockets

Perfect for any nautical wedding, these clutch pocket wedding invitations feature mint green ropes, swirls and anchor along with multiple navy blue fonts for a modern, poster look. The invitation is adhered to the front of a sparkling dark blue metallic clutch with a pocket on the back side holding an RSVP postcard and accommodations card. The inserts include the same blue fonts with green scroll accents and rope line border along with a navy blue sailor’s knot graphic. We also designed matching tall & thin two-sided programs with the same anchor, knot and rope graphics and navy blue text.

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Carolina Blue & Gray Rustic Poster Style Mountain Farm Illustration Kraft Pocketfolds

This very talented and artistic bride helped create this custom wedding stationery with her lovely hand drawn and painted illustrations of her family’s mountain farm where the wedding was held. The save-the-date postcards included a full illustration of the venue with barn, pine trees and mountain landscape on the front, with Carolina blue and gray text and swirls in a rustic poster style look on the back. The poster style look continued to the invitations with multiple fonts, swirls and scrolls in light gray, dark gray and Carolina blue in a rustic kraft brown pocketfold. The pocket held an RSVP postcard and two-sided details card with the same gray and blue text and swirls and hand-drawn barn and pine tree emblems at the top of each card. To complete the set, we created matching program fans with wooden handles with the gray and blue poster style look for their outdoor ceremony.

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