Hot Pink, Black & Chartreuse Damask & Modern Frame 50th Birthday Invitations

FUN FRIDAY:  Surprise 50th Birthday Party Invitations

Designing these custom party invitations was extra special because they were created with love for my mom’s 50th birthday. My dad, sisters, brother and I wanted to surprise my mom with a party to celebrate her big day, so the first step was planning the surprise and inviting the people. What better way then with these ultra fun and modern invitations featuring a hot pink and baby pink damask background and a modern-shaped frame in black with chartreuse green accents and envelopes. Why these colors, you may ask. We had to use a black background for the not-so-Over-the-Hill birthday, and pink, pink and more pink because my mom loves pink. I couldn’t leave the design in just pink and black because that’s a little too sweet sixteen for my mom, so the modern chartreuse accents completed the look! I even threw in the same damask background on the back of the card with another reminder that it’s a surprise party and when the guests should arrive. The invitations were a huge hit, and the party was an even bigger success!

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