Vintage Books, Lanterns, Magnolia & Gramophone Pocketfolds

Navy, Steel Blue & Peach Vintage Books, Lanterns & Magnolia Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Navy, Steel Blue & Peach Vintage Books, Lanterns, Magnolia & Phonograph Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

These custom pocketfold wedding invitations feature a stack of vintage books in steel blue with a navy blue lantern sitting on top, navy text and peach accents on a textured linen card stock. The invitation is adhered into a matte navy blue pocketfold, which holds details and response cards in the pocket. The details card includes a steel blue magnolia flower separating venue and website information, and a peach header at the top with navy lantern hanging from it. The response card features a peach title with steel blue hanging lantern and entrĂ©e selections with cute meal icons on the front, and a phonograph illustration with coral hearts and song request on back. The front of the pocketfold is decorated with small square tag featuring the couple’s names and wedding date with hanging navy lantern.

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